If you’ve just acquired the new Korg Modwave mkII or are seeking fresh sounds for your original Modwave/Modwave Native, I’ve crafted over 400 patches for the Korg Modwave. These collections draw inspiration from classic synths such as the PPG Wave 2.3, Korg DW-8000, Korg Polysix, Korg M1, Korg Wavestation, Roland Jupiter 8, Roland Juno 60 and Roland JX3P.

All the performances, programs and wavetables are compatible with the new Korg Modwave mkII and can also be used with the older Modwave. To incorporate them into your setup, simply download and open the zip files. Then, import the bundles into the Modwave Librarian to seamlessly transfer them to your Modwave mkII.

UPDATED: I now have a Prophet VS colllection for the Korg Modwave and FM sounds for the Modwave and Fairlight sounds.

Here is a playlist of my Youtube videos about the Modwave patches and tuturials for the Modwave.

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