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Korg Modwave: The DW8000 Collection

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Welcome to my free sound collection for the Korg Modwave. This collection of 42 sounds is inspired by the legendary 80s synthesiser, the Korg DW8000. The DW8000 used single cycle digital waveforms with an analogue filter, which gave it a unique sound for the era.

The Korg Modwave features the waveforms from the DW8000 and that is what I used for this collection of sounds. Some of the sounds are recreations of DW8000 sounds and some are modern sounds using the DW8000 waves as the basic sound source.

There are pads, bells, leads and other sounds. Most of the sounds are set up with the mod controls or the KAOSS pad, there are also some that use the motion sequencer. I have avoided making the sounds too complicated so they can be used in your tracks rather than demo tracks.

The zip file contains a bundle that you can import via the Modwave library.

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  • DW8000 Fuzz Lead
  • DW8000 Mono Lead
  • DW800 Choir
  • DW8000 Electric Piano
  • DW8000 FM seq
  • DW8000 SeqStrings
  • DW8000 ShortEP
  • DW8000 Soft Brass
  • DW8000 Soft Brass inf
  • DW8000 Steal Drum
  • DW8000 String and Brass
  • DW8000 Warm pad
  • DW8000 Strings and Brass
  • DW8000 / DW6000 Sweep
  • DW8000 Bell
  • DW8000 Big Pad
  • DW8000 Digital Bass
  • DW8000 Electric Bass
  • DW8000 Electric Guitar
  • DW8000 Filter Pad
  • DW8000 FM Guitar
  • DW8000 FM Lead
  • DW8000 LFO Pad
  • DW8000 Old Synth
  • DW8000 Old Synth Phased
  • DW8000 Organ
  • DW8000 Piano and Pad
  • DW8000 Rev synth
  • DW8000 Seq Guitar
  • DW8000 Rise Bell
  • DW8000 Kaoss Bass
  • DW8000 Lead Guitar
  • DW8000 LFO Pad
  • DW8000 Rev Synth
  • DW8000 Short Bell
  • DW8000 Soft Bell
  • DW8000 Side Chain Pad
  • DW8000 Strings
  • DW8000 Sync Lead
  • DW8000 Unison Lead
  • DW8000 Whistle


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