Microsoft has announced that it will be removing Windows Mixed Reality from a future release of Windows. This means the Mixed Reality Portal app and Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR will no longer be available in Windows. While you should still be able to use the headsets directly from Steam, without the SteamVR layer, it remains uncertain how well it will function.

Launched back in 2018, Windows Mixed Reality was a combination of hardware VR headsets from Acer, Samsung, and HP with a VR home environment and apps from Microsoft. While it’s sad to see this feature go away, it’s not surprising given that there have been no new headsets since 2021, and Microsoft is now placing more emphasis on enterprise features, moving away from consumer tech.

As a massive fan of Windows Mixed Reality and its immersive Cliff House, it initially seemed like a groundbreaking way to engage with games, apps, and services. However, over time, the novelty wore off, and my headset has been gathering dust.

Farewell, Windows Mixed Reality!

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