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Free Korg Modwave FM Sounds

The Korg Modwave is an incredibly powerful and flexible synthesizer, featuring dual oscillators, wavetables, and samples. In addition to multiple modulation routing options, it also incorporates Frequency Modulation (FM), famously utilized in Yamaha's classic 80s synth, the DX7. FM operates by modifying one oscillator (the carrier) with another oscillator (the modulator), resulting in complex and distinctive sounds, including some of the most iconic tones of the 80s—think digital electric pianos, Danger Zone bass sounds, and digital bells.

While the Modwave doesn't offer six operators like the DX7, it provides two operators per layer, with the ability to stack two layers, approaching the four-operator FM capability found in the DX100. Unlike the DX7, which was limited to sine waves, the Modwave allows the use of any wavetable as carriers and modulators, and even permits the use of samples as modulators. This versatility enables you to, for instance, use a complex PPG wave to modulate an equally intricate DW-8000 wavetable. Combine these features with the Modwave's modulation routing and Motion Sequencer, and you can craft fascinating and intricate FM tones.

These are the sounds I demoed in my video on how to create FM sounds on the Korg Modwave.

To use these patches with your Korg Modwave, download the ZIP file, unzip it, and import the bundle into the Modwave via the Modwave Librarian or directly into the Modwave Native. These patches are compatible with the original Modwave, Modwave Native, and the new Modwave mkII.

Don't forget to explore my other free sounds for the Korg Modwave, featuring over 400 sounds ranging from ambient tones to classic Roland analogue synth patches.

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