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Korg ModWave: The MS2000 Collection

This collection of patches and sounds for Korg Modwave is inspired by the Korg MS2000. The MS2000 was one of Korg’s first virtual analogue synth and it capable of some interesting sounds. As well as having the standard analogue waves it also has DWGS (digital waves) that you can sweep through. In this collection there are sounds using the MS2000 custom wavetable (included in the package) and sound using the Modwave’s factory wavetables.

Some sounds are re-creations of the original Korg MS2000 factory patches like Evolution and Far Horizon, I still have my MS2000 so did the conversions by ear with the synths side by side.

Some use the MS2K wavetable and some using the DWGS waves of the Korg Modwave.

Some sounds use the KAOSS pad, some use the mod controls and some use motion sequencer. I have avoided making the sounds too complicated so they can be used in your tracks rather than some of the complex pre-sets which sound like demo tracks.

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The zip file contains a bundle that you can import via the Modwave library. I hope you enjoy them!

Sounds in the correction:

  • MS2000 ClassicArp
  • MS2000 DWGS Bell
  • MS2000 DWGS Bell 2
  • MS2000 DWGS Morph
  • MS2000 DWGS Morph2
  • MS2000 DWGS Wave
  • MS2000 DX Piano
  • MS2000 Evolution (re-creation of an MS2000 patch)
  • MS2000 Far Horizon (re-creation of an MS2000 patch)
  • MS2000 Ice Fields ((re-creation of an MS2000 patch)
  • MS2000 Pad and arp
  • MS2000 Poly Line (re-creation of an MS2000 patch)
  • MS2000 Pulse Pad
  • MS2000 Re Arp
  • MS2000 Res Stabs
  • MS2000 Silk Pad (re-creation of an MS2000 patch)
  • MS2000 StabSaw (re-creation of an MS2000 patch)
  • MS2000 Turn Wheel (re-creation of an MS2000 patch)
  • MS2000 Uni Synth (re-creation of an MS2000 patch)
  • MS2000 Velo Res
  • MS2000 Warm Pad


  • MS2K

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