Video conferencing and calling has revolutionized the way we do business, and have made interactions between brands and consumers, as well as stakeholders within organizations, far more personal. However, video conferencing is only the first step in more interactive, intimate discussions, as more features like cloud servers aim to complement this service with even more functionality. So let’s take a closer look at how cloud-based services can benefit you, and why you should consider investing in this fantastic technology.

No Extra Hardware or Software Required

One of the greatest aspects about cloud servers for conferencing is that you don’t have to invest in expensive hardware, software or servers. Instead, you can invest in an all-in-one solution that is always ready to connect people via video calls, VOIP or even simple messengers. And rather than having to equip each employee with a device capable of computing the data necessary for live video calls, all of the work is done within the online server – allowing your employees and customers to log in with almost any device and without having to download extra unnecessary software.

The savings, as Tech Soup reports in a recent article, that this feature offers are alone enough to convince most business owners or entrepreneurs who are eager to save on costs and boost efficiency, although there are still many more features that make this technology even more worthwhile.

Almost Any Device can Connect Without Hassle

Another fantastic benefit of cloud-based conferencing is that more devices will be able to connect and join in the discussion, since most of the computing and processing is done within the online server. This is particularly important if you want to utilize your system as a way to enhance customer service. Rather than requiring customers to have a powerful device, or asking them to download and install new software, you can simply send an invite link or allow customers to create invite links and connect with them within moments – in a far more personal way than a telephone call or email.

Within the company, cloud conferencing means that your employees can join in on meetings or important discussions without having to invest in expensive equipment or devices. And because almost any device with a camera, microphone and internet connectivity can easily connect, your employees can stay connected while on the go – as long as they have a smart device or tablet.

Conference Calling Made Easy – Connect Instantly with Invite Links

One of the biggest drawbacks of typical conferencing services is that they require software installations, which often don’t work on all devices. Fortunately, with cloud video meeting solutions this is a thing of the past, and people can simply connect via their browsers or basic apps to get involved. This not only ensures that your devices are not bogged down by unnecessary software and applications, but also greatly reduces the complexity of the connection process – saving you, your employees and your customers from unnecessary stress and wasted time.

Whether you want to host a sudden meeting with your entire creative department, want to connect with an individual within your organization more personally, or would like to personally speak with customers or clients, you can simply create and send an invite link, which directly connects you and whoever you invited to a live video conference.

Ensure that Nothing is Ever Forgotten

Cloud-based video services offer many great features that add convenience to and simplify online conferencing, although one that truly offers real value is the ability to record and store meetings or discussions online. While in the past, meetings would often require and minute-taker, with modern technologies, you can save every single conference digitally, and online – allowing for easy access whenever you need to review it. This ensures that nothing is ever forgotten, and that all of the important notes and points of interest are saved with crystal clarity.

This offers a great benefit, as Smart Data Collective recently explained, by allowing attendees to review what was discussed, rather than just remembering it or going by succinct notes. Additionally, you can send the recordings to whoever was absent or may be interested, allowing your business and employees extra flexibility if they need to tend to important matters at the time of a meeting. You could also choose to review or analyze past discussions or meetings that you didn’t attend, so as to catch up with how teams are progressing or simply find out more about ongoing projects within your business.

From time and effort savings to boosted efficiency and profits, cloud-based services are certainly a big upgrade from past technologies. So consider upgrading your system today and make your video conferencing simple and effective with easy to operate, multifunctional cloud-based services.

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