Legend about invention of casino

Everyone knows that roulette is often associated with the devil because of the prejudice about the number 666: the sum of all the numbers on a its wheel in a time is equal 666; maybe that’s why it is one of the most mysterious and enigmatic casino games. According to legend, two brothers, Francois and Louis Blanc, who founded the Monte Carlo casino, sold their souls to the devil for the secret of roulette; so zero roulette was invented in 1842 in this way.

Ancient roulette

As you may know, the most important and the main part of the game is a spinning wheel; it is impossible to imagine roulette without this attribute. The idea to use a spinning wheel for games of chance has arisen for a long time,
in the Greco-Roman period when round shields and arrows were used for this purpose. The Chinese used a spinning wheel in their executions, for bringing into them the excitement element: the victim was tied between the two wheels of different sizes and then bets were made on which one is faster. Now mankind stepped on many centuries in the direction of progress, so you can try to play online roulette australia without leaving your home.

European roulette

The word “roulette” of French origin, it means “small wheel”, and almost all historians consider France as the birthplace of the modern game. Approximately in 1655, the famous mathematician and inventor Blaise Pascal worked on a project of perpetual motion, and if you do not go into the details, the European game of this model – a byproduct of mathematics in an attempt to create a perpetual motion machine. It is said that French monks were the first who played this game in the late 17th century, and only after it appeared in the gambling houses of Paris. Not in France alone people played the roulette: own variation of the game was very popular in Italy and England. It is difficult to say if the Italian and English versions of the game had any impact on the European roulette or not, because it was very popular and loved in France at that time, and by the end of the 18th century also throughout Europe. But thanks to the sophistication and extension options, European game of chance replaced the English version completely at the end of the 19th century.


American roulette

America is obliged to France a large number of games of chance, including roulette: French immigrants brought it to the United States in the late 18th century. New Orleans was then the gambling capital of the country, this game first appeared there. Roulette gained popularity and spread out across the state. It should be noted that American roulette is slightly different from European: it has some different rules and design.

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