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Siemens TIA Portal (Totally Integrated Automation Portal) is a complete solution for mechanical engineers and plant operators to perform automation and drive task via an efficient and flexible architecture. It offers standard operating concepts for human machine interfaces (HMI), controllers and shared data storage and utilises powerful libraries for automation of objects, communication and diagnostics.

The advanced framework enables integrated engineering and transport operations through digital workflows and version 14 of the platform has just been launched. With the new version you get a boost in productivity through transparency in production and data consistency along with improved energy transparency to manage energy and improve productivity in machine and production plants.

The TIA Portal exchanges data with other systems via an open interface. TeamCenter gateway has a new interface for managing data in Teamcenter Siemens data collaboration platform for design, planning and engineering. System users can create model based programs with a new interface to Matlab/Simulink. Also new is cloud based engineering via a private cloud, users can work with the plant controller via the new TIA Portal Cloud Connector or use MindSphere which is Siemens cloud based solution for industry (along with other digital services from Siemens).

Another interesting new feature is PLCIM Advanced which has interfaces to simulation software such as Process Simulate and Plant Simulation. It can emulate a SIMATIC sS7-1500 controller as a digital twin with LCSIM Advanced enabling efficient virtual commissioning. For security and safety the TIA Portal which uses the “one for all” guiding principle combines parameter assignments and programming of automation components including controllers and HMI devices.

Integrated into a harmonized package in the V14 TIA Portal is a SIMATIC Advanced Controller and the SIMATICS servo drive system, the SIMATIC S7-1500 T-CPU controller manages the control tasks and the new SINAMICS V90 servo drive system with Profinet adds precision and speed. The updated package enables Simatic users to manage advanced motion control tasks like gearing and camming, it also supports multiple users for decentralised work concepts.

Watch this video where Siemens show how TIA Portal can reduce your system complexity, reduce your time to market and operate to the maximum potential of your digital enterprise.

Post sponsored by Siemens TIA Portal

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