Current business students know that tablets are just as useful as other devices, as they frequently use them during lectures and class instruction to look up pertinent facts, double check math figures and access information. For those interested in online MBA programs, tablets are quickly replacing laptops in the classroom as they are more portable, and frequently have the same types of programs found on computers. Choosing the right tablet is a matter of being aware of what’s available for sale, and knowing which features are best for your busy student life.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

For students that don’t want to make a choice between using a tablet or a laptop, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is perfect. Featuring a huge screen, the Surface Pro 4 captivates audiences with its wide range of colors and powerful core processor. Students can use the pen to write directly on the tablet, or use it as a mouse. If you have ever felt disappointed by the limitations that some tablets have, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will blow you away. Weighing less than two pounds, the Surface Pro 4 allows users to operate it as a laptop when needed, but it is also designed for use as one of the most innovative tablets on the planet.

iPad Pro

There is a lot of storage place that can be used on the iPad Pro to store your projects, make new creations and add pizazz to your proposals submitted for your online MBA degree. The iPad Pro has a 9.7″ screen, so you won’t struggle to see the words you type. Although this iPad Pro is a fairly expensive tablet, it comes with a comprehensive warranty that college students can benefit from. There is also a mini version of the iPad Pro for students that like smaller devices.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Samsung might not be doing that well in the smartphone division right now, but its Galaxy Tab 2 is a big hit. This popular tablet has a large touch screen, so users can see more as they work. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has a low price, so students can easily afford to get their hands on this Wifi compatible tablet. When fully charged, the tablet can be operated for approximately 10 hours non-stop. If you want a tablet that you can use all day in class, this is a great choice.

A tablet can be carried in a purse, kept safely in your book bag or carried by hand from class to class, as they are extremely lightweight and small in size. When you’re not using your tablet for school, it can double as an entertainment device, bringing both full length movies and broadcast television to you no matter where you are in the world. Various students enjoy using their tablet along with standard PCs and laptops, as a way of staying aware of news stories and industry breakthroughs as they break. You may use your tablet a lot or just on occasion, but if you have one it will certainly be put to good use.

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