Ok so you have some awful picture where your skin is blotchy and you look like you were dragged through a hedge backwards.  Hang on a minute don’t hit the delete button.

Try facefilter.

This is a program to enhance your pictures.

You start by marking out the key points on your face with just a few easy to move blobs till you have all the key points marked.


Then work your way through the options on the right hand side menu and you will be looking so much more refined in no time at all.

The first is just to tidy up the skin texture and colouring which is a quick and easy way to start.

You can see the before and after picture, all the time which is handy to see how your picture has changed.

Then on to your make up.


Yes really you can do your make up after the event.

Impressed yet?  Mascara and you don’t have to worry if it is waterproof or you smudge it!

Then it gets were a bit tired that day…no problem just click to remove the eye bags.

Then got a feature you have always hated no problem just click the reshape tab and get to work. No pain, no operation and no bruising just obliterate that thing you have always hated.

So if you are not a photo shop expert then give this one a go. It really is suitable for a novice.


An excellent program truly worthy of




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