Last October, I upgraded from my old Surface Go to the Surface Go 4, and I shared my initial thoughts on Microsoft’s latest small Windows tablet. Since then, I’ve received numerous questions about the Surface Go 4, prompting me to create this update video to keep you in the loop on my experience with the device.

I’ve been using the Surface Go 4 extensively in meetings with OneNote and the pen. It has become my go-to for evening browsing, drafting blog posts, and watching videos. Surprisingly, it handles music apps exceptionally well—I’ve been running both Korg Opsix Native and Korg Electribe R without any issues.

In this video, I delve into my experience using the Surface Pen, discuss the device’s performance, and share insights into its battery life.

Join me as I provide an in-depth update on the Surface Go 4 and how it has seamlessly integrated into my daily tasks. If you want to know about the Surface Go 4 benchmarks checkout my other video.

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