The new Korg Keystage controller is a MIDI 2.0 keyboard with MPE and polyphonic aftertouch capabilities. Featuring an OLED display, 8 controls, and a built-in USB audio interface, it’s designed to enhance your music production experience.

The controller allows you to manage modern DAWs and virtual instruments using its transport controls and rotary knobs. With MIDI CI, you can receive real-time data feedback from your software. Additionally, the Keystage 49 boasts a built-in arpeggiator and 32 chord modes.

In this video, I unbox the Keystage 49, guide you through the firmware update, and help you set it up. I demonstrate how to utilize MIDI 2.0 for optimal control and showcase the customization options for controlling virtual instruments.

I showcase its compatibility with Korg Wavestate, Opsix, and Modwave, all of which support MIDI CI, providing real-time information on control actions. Furthermore, I explore its functionality with older plugins and its integration with Cubase. The video highlights the arpeggiator and chord modes, as well as the polyphonic aftertouch feature.

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