Basically the software allows you to create an animated head either from a photograph, illustration or one of the supplied cartoons.

The software did take a little time to download and install but this is more dependent on ones broadband speeds and computer system than anything else.

After downloading it invites you to register the product which then entitles you to download additional material and gives access to the helpdesk and users forum.

The package comes with video tutorials, and online a quick start guide and a detailed user’s manual which fully explains what every tab and button does. The guide and manual are extremely well written and easy to follow. Studying a few of the tutorials and the quick start guide should get one off to a flying start.

Rather than study the guide I decided to see how intuitive the software was to use. A few clicks saw me importing a photograph and cropping the head. A little trial and error and the mask was fitted to the head and the range of movements of the head, eyes and mouth checked. I recorded my voice and soon I had my own animated talking head. While by no means perfect, it needed some teeth added and other refinements, it was encouraging that the animation had been created so quickly.

The heads can have a wide range of movements and can be made to express a range of emotions. They can be superimposed on a background of your choice.

The supplied heads are very impressive but I have not had time to investigate how long it takes to create an animation to that standard.

From my limited time using this product I would expect most users to be able to produce an animation that they will be satisfied with. A good straight forward and easy product to use. With versions for both Windows and Mac starting at $29.99 this seems a very reasonable cost if you have the need for an animated talking head.

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