Just a quick headsup that over at the DVBLogic forums (http://dvblogic.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1521)  FredX21 has announced the availability of the DVBLInk for Hauppauge HD-PVR Release Candidate.

This brilliant application allows you to use your HD-PVR as a source for Media Center and is the way I currently get Virgin Media Cable TV (including BBC HD) into my Media Center.

To quote Fred :

Here are the news features introduced by this version:
– Added support for idle mode when Media Center is not using the HDPVR
– Added support for Windows standby
– Added Media Center messages for important information about acquisition lost/resume
– Improved compatibility for MCE IR receiver/blaster
– Removed any dependencies to mc2xml (replaced by the GuideTool addin)
– Updated README file with more detailed step-by-step installation instructions.
– All the goodies introduced by the DVBLink framework.

The mc2xml change is one I was waiting for as in the original beta I wasn’t able to get all the channels I can see on my V+ cable box to show in Media Center and I’m told the new version should fix this.

Hopefully sometime over the next few days i will get a chance to try this out.

If anyone hasn’t played with DVBLogic’s products they do a whole lot of interfaces to other TV sources which integrate into MediaCenter  and all their DVBLink products have been recently updated to Beta 2.

One really cool thing is they emulate Satellite tuners so I can still have my four DVB-T freeview tuners and have the HD-PVR additionally.

Finally a quick tip for anyone trying to get the Hauppauge IR Blaster to work with an older V+ box (i.e. not one of the new Samsung ones) – although these are made by Scientific Altlantic the Scientific atlantic codes don’t work – choose european satellite and a Pace box then the code beginning 7 should work.


2 thoughts on “Quick Headsup – DVBLINK for HDPVR RC is up in DVBLogic Forums”
  1. I’ll have to give this another go. Tried the old version and couldn’t get it working right.
    Does anyone know if this will work along side other tuners in the same box? I have QAM and NTSC (for basic cable) in the US.

  2. Should work fine with other tuners. I have an internal dvb-t and an hd-homerun working alongside my hd-pvr

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