Martin Milmore the developer of TuneFreeMCE is working on a plugin feature for his application that enables 3rd party’s to bring TV content in to TunerFreeMCE. He is looking for developers to create and test the plugins so if there was a specific content source you wanted added to TunerFreeMCE you could develop your own plugin, if your interested you can email him [email protected]

More details on Martin’s post on TGB

I am currently working on a plugin feature for TunerFreeMCE to allow other people to produce plugins for TV content from any source. The idea is that you specify some metadata about the channels (e.g. channel names, logos, details of how to get the program list), and the TunerFree code takes care of reading it and producing a list of programs.
At the moment I am looking for people who would like to work on a plugin to test this. Ideally you need;
1) A channel that you want to add
2) html and xml skills to be able to produce the metadata
If you are interested in producing a plugin, e-mail me at [email protected]

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