After many months of work, my new electronic music album is out! “Optimistic?” features 11 synthwave/1980s-based instrumental songs. Influenced by 80s synth-pop, the songs were all written and recorded at home over the last six months.

Most of the sounds come from my Korg Modwave and feature sounds from the many Modwave sound packs I have released over the last few months, including sounds where I channelled the sound of classic 80s synthesizers. Also used on the album were a classic Yamaha TX7, Solina String Ensemble, Korg Minilogue, Jen SX1000, and Uno Drums.

“Optimistic?” is available on most streaming services, including Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

Track Details:

  1. “Optimistic?”: An upbeat track with 80s dance influences, with all the synth sounds coming from the Modwave.
  2. “Fall at Your Feet”: A track for the summer, featuring classic Yamaha DX7 sounds (provided by my TX7, a desktop version of the DX7), Simmons drums fills, and Modwave leads.
  3. “See You There”: Back to the mid-’80s with a LIN drum kit, DX bass, Fairlight sounds, and a hint of Pet Shop Boys.
  4. “Up and Down”: A mellow track with warm synth sounds and bright digital sounds provided by the Modwave.
  5. “Wanting”: Big snare sounds and octave bass take you back to the ’80s.
  6. “Hint of a Groove”: Solina strings, DX lead, and a disco drum beat in the second part of the track.
  7. “No Time Left”: A new version of a track recorded in 2020 that channels ’80s synth-pop, with a Korg Minilogue providing the analog sounds.
  8. “On Again”: Upbeat and lots of DX electric piano!
  9. “Live in ’89”: A bit of a tribute to late-’80s Tangerine Dream, where not all their live tracks were actually live. Featuring Korg Wavestation sounds (from my Modwave Wavestation collection).
  10. “Night Disco”: Solina strings take you to a dance track with analog sounds and even a disco pew-pew sound.
  11. “First Move”: Big drums, synth stabs finish the album off with an upbeat track.

I hope you give it a listen! You can download my sound sets from our downloads page.

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