Welcome to my new sound pack for the Korg Modwave: The Berlin / Ambient Set. This collection features soundscapes, atmospheric tones, and sequenced sounds. I struggled to come up with a name, so “Berlin / Ambient” it is!

The set exclusively utilizes the built-in waveforms and samples of the Korg Modwave; no additional samples are needed. You’ll find sounds inspired by rhythmic bass sequences in the Berlin and Tangerine Dream style, as well as soundscape textures, digital sweeps, and ambient floating tones. Some of the sounds were crafted during our recent live stream sound design session on YouTube.

Included are 47 performances and 19 programs that you can use alongside your own sound design endeavours.

In the accompanying video, I demonstrate the sounds and share the sound design principles behind the performances. This will empower you to create your own intriguing sounds.

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