It’s The Media Center Show Awards! Recorded and streamed live last Wednesday, the aim of the awards was to highlight the great work done by the Media Center developer community.  Joining me are special guest from the community and listeners in the chat room. I also read out some interesting facts from the user survay.

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Show Times:

01:12 Coming up this week
01:38 Would you like to see more live shows
01:56 Email -Extender and signal issues
03:18 Email – HDMI on the Extenders
04:03 Email – Extender sleep update
05:50 BigScreenGobal deals
06:00 Video – Xbox 360 v Linksys Extender
08:00 MyNetFlix Media Center application
08:46 New Microsoft “Champion” blog
09:20 Service Pack 1 for Vista
10:36 Tranquil Home Server Extender
11:08 Catch me on Twitter
11:33 Update on the RSS feeds: My Blog, Audio, Video
12:18 A Message from One Voicedownload a free trial
13:36 Welcome to the awards
15:08 Welcome to Microsoft Steve Lindsay
18:08 Microsoft “Champion” program
22:54 Best Free 10 Foot Media Center Application
26:21 What % of listeners have a Zune?
27:43 Best Commercial Media Center Application
28:22 Welcome To Ted Singh from Embedded Automation
33:00 The Media Center Design Award
34:19 Olcay from
36:40 Background on TV Toolbox
44:31 Welcome to Steven Harding (The Media Center Developer Blog)
46:00 Yougle for Media Center
47:20 EMU Center
49:44 How many listeners have v2 Extenders?
50:52 How many listeners have Xbox 360s?
51:27 How many listeners have Windows Home Server?
52:37 Best Media Center Enthusiast Blog
52:30 Welcome to Niall Ginsbrough
54:46 What is the most popular operating system with listeners?
57:13 Thanks to everybody that voted and joined in the live show
Music by Ian Dixon

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