I hadn’t seen the 50’s "Home of the future" at Disney but they are going to create a modern home of future at Disney based on Media Center, HP and Life|Ware. Disney, Microsoft, HP and LifeWare spent over $15 million on hardware and software for the home.

It looks very much like the setup they had a CES with a home full of Media Center (see my video),  home automation and Life|ware. As with the NextGen Home at CES actors will take visitors around the home with the theme being "family of four preparing for a trip to China"

It’s great that Media Center is getting promoted, even if Life|ware is a bit out of reach from the average enthusiast

It’s much different than a spiel that you would get at a trade show," said Dave Miller, director of alliance development for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. "We won’t get into the bits and the bytes. It will be about the digital lifestyle and how that lifestyle can help you."

Disney Revives ‘House of the Future’  (via Engadget)

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