Maybe if I blog enough about Niveus they will send me a nice new Denali Edition, maybe not.

Niveus have added the Niveus Storage Server Pro to their product range, with 4TB of storage. Have a look at my CES video to see the Storage Server. It’s a slim but powerful storage server (not Windows Home Server)


Milpitas, CA – February 14, 2008 – Niveus Media, the leading manufacturer of high-performing digital entertainment solutions for the connected home, announces significant updates to the Niveus Storage Server while introducing the newest addition, the Niveus Storage Server Pro. With up to 4 Terabytes of storage, the Niveus Storage Server line presents a scalable solution that delivers improved reliability and unprecedented data redundancy to protect digital assets.

Featuring new proprietary Niveus Reflection technology, the Niveus Storage Server eliminates the need to manage data in multiple locations. Reflection allows an unlimited number of additional Internet connected Storage Servers (in remote locations) to mirror the data and reflect any incremental changes on the master Storage Server. Users are granted access to their content from virtually anywhere they reside; a vacation home, an office, a relative’s home, etc. For security and reliability, the robust Reflection technology also allows for seamless automated backup of several Storage Servers to the master server.

With the release of Niveus Reflection Technology, our customers have an automated system for managing their data across multiple locations,” states Tim Cutting, CEO and Co-Founder, Niveus Media. “Now, Niveus customers can enjoy one of the most advanced and mature personal storage server products available on the market.

As the home entertainment market shifts to all digital and consumers continue to expand digital content collections, the demand for reliable storage has become greater than ever. The Niveus Storage Server line delivers scalable, networked storage in a high-end home theater design that is easily integrated into any home network using Universal Plug-N-Play for playback with any uPnP-compliant devices (audio systems, TVs, etc). Additional Niveus Storage Servers can be placed on the home network, enabling a modular upgrade path for limitless and borderless storage. For added performance and convenience, Niveus Storage Servers operate at near silent operation, with zero fans.

Presenting improved remote capabilities, the Niveus Storage Server allows users to easily access and monitor the status of the server and stored files from any Internet-enabled computer. When used with a powerful, Windows Vista-based Niveus Media Server, the Niveus Storage Server becomes almost transparent to the end user and the simple graphical user interface guides the user through the setup process and tasks. Additionally, users are granted remote playback capabilities and downloading or streaming of files from the server across the local network or Internet.

Key Features of the Niveus Storage Server:

  • Available in a 2TB or 4TB modular design
  • Audio/Video Form Factor with Rack-Mount Option
  • Reflection™ Data Mirroring for auto updating remote server(s) with master server
  • uPnP Media Server for playback of media content via UPnP-compatible devices
  • Easy-to-use interface via Niveus Client PC Software
  • Access media from anywhere on the home network
  • Always-on operation
  • Automatic Backup; Digital Media & Documents
  • Advanced File Searching: Database Indexing, Meta Data Lookup
  • Unique Family Member Login
  • Individual Remote Access via Secure Login
  • Silent Operation – fanless & anti-vibration technology throughout
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Software Feature & Security Updates via Internet Download
  • RAID 0 or RAID 5 

For even greater sophistication, the Niveus Storage Server Pro presents the same impressive feature set of the 2TB Niveus Storage Server while boasting twice the storage (4TB) and 75% faster data transfer speeds.

Available now, the MSRPs of the Niveus Storage Server (2TB) and Niveus Storage Server Pro (4TB) are $2,999 and $5,999, respectively. The 3.0 software update is available as a free upgrade to existing customers.

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