Video: Comparing The Xbox 360 with a Linksys DMA2100

I was about to packup the Linksys DMA2100 and unbox the 2200 when I thought it would be interesting to compare the Extender function of the Xbox 360 with the Linksys DMA2100. So with both extenders connected up to my TV I made a side by side comparison of the…


Microsoft’s Bluray problem

Chris Lanier has an interesting post on the problem Media Center is going to have with HD content now HD-DVD looks in trouble. Read Chris’ post for the details but it boils down to the fact that Microsoft has betted on HD-DVD and will not want to write support for…


UK, Ireland, Canada, France and Germany Get Xbox 360 Movie Downloads

As mentioned last week Microsoft’s Xbox Live movie download is available today in UK, Ireland, Canada, France and Germany. There are 27 movies at the moment with more promised soon. According to Gizmodo "Standard definition movies will cost 250 Microsoft Points (£2.13), while HD movies are priced at 380 (£3.23)…


Xbox video-on-demand confirmed for UK

Microsoft have confimded that it’s Xbox Live Video on demand service has is coming to the UK. It’s been something I have been waiting to come to the UK (along with the Zune) for some time and it’s great to see Microsoft rolling it out to the UK. The HD…

&No.163;199 Xbox 360 Makes Great Extender

Microsoft have launched the Xbox 360 Arcade pack which makes for the cheapest way to Extender Windows Media Center. The new Xbox pack contains a HDMI equipped Xbox 360, a 256mb memory unit and 5 arcade games. It does not have a hard disk but to be an extender you…


Toshiba Working With Microsoft On New Entertainment Xbox – Smarthouse

According to Smarthouse Microsoft are working with Toshiba on a new Xbox that will be positioned as a Entertainment hub.  The report says the new devices will include a HD-DVD drive, hard drive and possibly dual TV tuners with EPG. This all in one device would have its own Media…

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