image I feel like I’ve come to the Xbox 360 party really late and right now I feel like I’m making up for it in posts about the Xbox 360.  CrunchGear have just posted an excellent preview of the new Experience along with a great Video, it’s well worth taking a look.

What looks really nice is the interface, wow it looks hot! 

The single most interesting thing I’ve heard is that you can rip your games to the Hard disk…Nice.  On the downside, there are Ads in the latest version (Subway in the video), but they’re much more interesting than your average TV add.  The Netflix integration requires a component to be installed on your PC.

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  1. It does look nice and that’s good but I’m interested in only one thing…Party chat. I play with the same 3 or 4 people all the time. We hate public rooms because of all the smacktards out there. Party chat will allow us only to talk to eachother no matter what game we’re playing…very nice since we don’t all own the same games!

  2. With the new interface I heard you will be able to download the games to the hard drive. However, you will need the disk to play them.

    I have the Elite Xbox with the 120 GB hard drive. I could see this getting filled up pretty fast. Does anyone know if there are plans to sell a larger hard drive.

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