Another week and another site claims that Microsoft are working on a Xbox 360 Blu-ray drive. Chris Lanier explained his thoughts on this weeks Media Center Show why he thinks we will never see a Blu-ray drive on the Xbox 360. Chris makes some great points about cost, audio output and Microsoft’s motivation to produce a Blu-ray accessory.  The website ( claims that the unit could ship later this year. I put this in the "belive it when I see it" category.

According to the report, Pegatron says that it plans to begin production on the HD version of the Xbox 360 soon, with plans to ship within the next six months, aiming for a pre-holiday release.
It won’t be the first time we’ve heard talk about Microsoft gloming on to the format, as the DigiTimes recently pegged manufacturer Lite-On as a Xbox 360 Blu-ray drive maker and Sony executives hinted that its competitor was feeling Blu to the Financial Times. MS CEO Steve Ballmer recently went on record about the move away from HD-DVD, saying the company will "support Blu-ray in ways that make sense."


Manufacturer Says Xbox 360 Blu-ray Coming This Year

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