PlayOn screenshotLifehacker have posted about PlayOn which can stream Hulu and some other services to your XBox and a host of other stuff.  I’ve just signed up for the Beta and installed it…but first a word from PlayOn about how it works:

MediaMall’s PlayOn software is a DLNA/UPnP media server and browser that pulls RSS feeds from content providers, and presents them to DLNA-compliant networked media devices. In plain English, this means you can use your game console or networked television to access content from providers like YouTube, Netflix and Hulu. The PC software pulls in the media streams, in the same way as your web browser, and then sends them directly over your home network to your device, even converting their formats on the fly to make sure the devices can play them. Simple as that.
PlayOn leverages the existing browser and UPnP functions of game consoles and networked televisions, and uses the PC in the middle to bring in the content from the Web, passing it over your home network to the device.



Installation is really easy, as it should be.  I’ve just installed this on my main Media Center, it really is just case of Next, Next, Next.  You then get this screen which is where you setup your options, notice how it’s detected that I have Live OneCare installed and configured it.  The User Management tab is where the action’s at, there you specify your Hulu account, any YouTube channels you want to subscribe to and your NetFlix account.

Next you go to your Xbox and go to the Media blade, and select Videos, press the blue X button on your controller and then you can select PlayOn as your source.  From there, well you get the option to load content from Hulu, NetFlix, YouTube, CBS and ESPN. 

Being in the UK only ESPN worked for me – I’m actually surprised at that – and I couldn’t get content to load from YouTube.  The ESPN content is clear and sharp though.

PlayOn is free for 30 days then $30.  If you’re lucking to get Hulu onto your big screen then it’s an option.  Can a US reader check it out and post a comment on it please?  Also can someone with a HP Media Smart TV (or an extender) give it a go and let us know how it works too?


[Via LifeHacker, picture from the PlayOn site]

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10 thoughts on “PlayOn – Hulu on your Xbox360, or HP Media Smart TV!”
  1. I’ll see if I can get it installed today and let you know how it works. I’ll only use the trial though as, while I can appreciate that someone took the time to write the program, I’m not jive with paying for content that is free on the web.

  2. Well, I can’t test on the 360 yet, more on that when I can, but the first thing I noticed is that I can’t put in a Hulu username and password…is this due to it being trialware?

  3. Ok, so I won’t be able to test actual queue usage but I’ll be able to watch clips and whatnot. I’ll let you know this afternoon when I get back downstairs to try it.

  4. Installed playon and it works pretty good, when hulu doesn’t change things up and break it. Seems like it’s been a constant battle between hulu and playon. Netflix works great (just don’t update to the new silverlight netflix player, that doesn’t work). CBS and ESPN have always worked and are rock solid. Hulu playback quality is slightly less on the xbox360 than through the hulu website, but still is pretty good. Man do I wish they would add a mediacenter client to this!

  5. Necro note : in case someone comes accross this and isn’t clear, PlayOn works terrific for viewing Hulu. Easy to setup. 30 day trial’s more than enough time to hook you. 🙂

  6. Found great information on How to setup an XBOX 360 with Hulu and How to setup PS3 with Hulu using PlayOn at this web site.. .. was really helpful. They have step by step instructions and some videos. Pretty cool. I even sent to my dad and he was able to get it working.. Not bad.

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