The Prophet VS was introduced in 1986 and marked Sequential’s debut in the digital synth realm. Regrettably, it was also their final venture, as Sequential was acquired by Yamaha in 1989 and subsequently closed down.

The Prophet VS utilized Vector Synthesis, which was based on four digital oscillators that could switch between 127 single-cycle digital waveforms. The joystick allowed users to seamlessly switch between waveforms, offering the flexibility to manually move between voices or record the movement as part of the patch.

Capable of producing rich digital tones and warm analogue sounds, thanks to the Curtis filters, the Prophet VS left a lasting impression.

Amid financial struggles, Sequential was acquired by Yamaha in 1989, and many of the Sequential team members transitioned to work at Yamaha and Korg (which Yamaha owned at the time).

Vector synthesis continued its legacy with the Yamaha SY-22 and the Korg Wavestation.

Fast forward to today, and the Korg Modwave, a digital wavetable synth, incorporates not only various synth waveforms but also includes the preset wavetables from the Prophet VS. Featuring three main banks and additional wavetables inspired by the Prophet VS, the Modwave pays homage to its predecessor.

This collection of performances is entirely based on the Prophet VS wavetables. Some replicate the presets, while others draw inspiration from the VS, resulting in a comprehensive VS collection for the Korg Modwave. With over 50 performances and programs utilizing the VS wavetables, this collection offers a diverse sonic palette.

To use these patches with your Korg Modwave, download the ZIP file, unzip it, and import the bundle into the Modwave via the Modwave Librarian or directly into the Modwave Native. These patches are compatible with the original Modwave, Modwave Native, and the new Modwave mkII.

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