Korg has just released a major update to the original Korg Modwave, adding new modulation options, new effects routing, numerous minor improvements, and the most requested feature: Free Running LFOs. In the video, I go through the new features in version 2 of the Modwave firmware and show you how you can incorporate them into your sound design.

Download my free examples performances of the V2 update

Free Running LFOs on the Modwave

The most requested feature from Modwave users is free-running LFOs. With the original release of the Modwave, the LFOs are retriggered by keypress. Now, you can have them keep running so they don’t re-trigger. This enables you to have the filter opening and closing over arpeggiators or the wave shape slowly changing over time. As you can hear in the video, it gives you loads of sonic options, and it’s great to see Korg listening to user feedback.

Also added to the LFOs is a delay option. Unlike the fade control, which can slowly introduce the LFO, the delay option waits and then kicks in at the set rate. You can also combine the fade and delay options to precisely control the LFO. There are two curve modes (Symmetric/Asymmetric), and you can trigger the LFOs from other sources like controllers, motion sequencer, or other generators.

New Modifiers

There is a whole raft of new modifiers included in the version 2 update. These are new random modifiers that enable you to modify a parameter by a random amount. There are two + random modifiers and two +/- modifiers. When applied to things like wavetables or filter settings, they can really make a sound dynamic. There is a constant max generator that adds 100, which can be combined with other modifiers. Additionally, there are new Pitch Bend+ and Pitch Bend- sources.

New Kaoss Modifiers

The Kaoss pad now has X+, X-, Y+, and Y- sources. Previously, you only had X+/- and Y+/-; now, you have six sources to choose from, allowing you to control four different destinations from the Kaoss pad.

Updated Wavetable Display

Another nice addition to the update is that the Wavetable display now shows the effects of modulation in real-time, allowing you to see the impact of modulation on the wavetable.

New Master Effect Routing

An interesting addition is that you can send the output of a layer before the layer volume is applied. So, you can have only the reverb going through the mix.

Aftertouch Options

In the Utility Controller settings, you can now use Poly Aftertouch to control existing aftertouch modulation routings. So, there’s no need to create new dedicated Poly AT routings.


There are numerous fixes with the release, and I would recommend checking Korg’s release notes for the full details.

How to Install the Modwave Firmware Update

You can use Korg’s new Firmware update tool to update your Modwave. Download the updater from Korg, install it, and then run it. It should detect your Modwave, and you can select the update option. After the install and reboot, you should have the new features.

Free patch downloads

In the video I demonstrate some custom sounds that use the new features and they are available for free our download page.

In this video I show you the new features in the Korg Modwave 2 update.

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