Welcome to my 3rd set of free sounds and patches for the Korg Modwave. There are 44 free sounds inspired by the classic 80s digital synthesizer, the PPG Wave 2. The PPG Wave was a digital synth with analog filters, featuring 8-bit (12-bit in the later Wave 2.3) wavetables. It has a unique sound that was used by artists such as Tangerine Dream, Tears for Fears, Thomas Dolby, Depeche Mode, and many others.

The Korg Modwave can import wavetables (see my how-to guide), and this collection uses the original PPG Wave wavetables. The digital waveforms, coupled with the extensive modification options on the Modwave, provide you with rich and distinctive digital synth sounds.

The collection includes bells, vocal sounds, bass sounds, pads, and leads. Additionally, you’ll find the 30 PPG wavetables that you can use to create your own sounds.

Make sure you also check out the other free sounds for the Korg Modwave, including the DW8000 collection and the MS2000 collection.

Here are the sounds in action, along with a bit of background on the collection.

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