Back in 2019, the Windows 10 May 2019 Update caused issues with Korg’s USB drivers, rendering DAWs and sound editors incompatible with Korg devices. This problem stemmed from MIDI slots in Windows, and I had devised a fix involving a few registry changes.

I still receive numerous questions about Korg USB drivers on Windows, which is why I’ve decided to update the video with some fresh details.

First and foremost, you should be able to completely avoid using Korg USB drivers for Windows now. Windows’ native USB drivers are compatible with most modern Korg devices. I’ve personally tested this with a 2016 Korg Minilogue and a 2022 Korg Modwave. You should be able to connect them to your PC via USB, and they should work immediately (note that the Modwave should be in NCM mode). If, for some reason, you still want or need to use the Korg drivers, ensure that you have the latest versions installed, as they should no longer have the 10-slot limit present in the older drivers.

If you still encounter any issues, you can follow the guide in the video to adjust the slots through the registry and get your devices connected again.

So here is my updated video on fixing Korg Windows driver issues, specifically tailored to Windows 11. I’ve also included my original video demonstrating how to perform the necessary registry changes.

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