Last week, I received my new Surface Go 4 and documented the unboxing along with my initial impressions. Since then, many people have inquired about the device’s performance and battery life. While I plan to release another video soon, I wanted to share the Geekbench scores for the Surface Go 4 in the meantime.

[Updated with performance mode]

Running on battery on balanced mode

First is the CPU performance of the Surface Go 4 vs Surface Go 3:

The single core performance is only slightly better than the original Surface Go (113.8%), but multi-core is much bigger improvement (181.3%).

On battery running performance mode

Microsoft Corporation Surface Go 4 vs Microsoft Corporation Surface Go 3 – Geekbench

Plugged in on best performance

The OpenCL score of the Surface Go 4 is 3765.

I can tell from typical use the Surface Go 4 is much more responsive than my original Surface Go, and in my next video we will take a deeper look.

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