At last week’s Surface and AI event, Microsoft announced updated Surfaces, but they didn’t talk about the new Surface Go 4. However, they did release an updated Surface Go.

The Surface Go 4 is Microsoft’s smallest Surface device with a 10.5-inch display, kickstand, and removable keyboard. I have the original Surface Go, and I use it for taking notes in meetings, catching up on social media, and occasional blogging. I find its small size and 521g weight very handy for carrying around and it’s a very versatile device.

UPDATE: The Surface Go 4 comes with Windows 11 Pro

My original Surface Go has a few issues and is getting long in the tooth now. So, when Microsoft announced the Go 4, I was going to order one. However, Microsoft made the Go 4 business-only, which means it’s available via resellers and not on the consumer-facing Microsoft store. You can order directly from Microsoft by going to the Surface Go 4 for Business page and selecting Microsoft as the reseller. I’m not sure why they’ve done that, as the Surface Go is the cheapest Surface device, and I thought the updated Go 4 would be ideal for consumers. They still sell the older Go 3 on the consumer page which I find strange. Microsoft markets the Surface Go 4 as “Surface Go 4 for Business” and targets field workers, but it does work for consumers.

In this video, I unbox the Surface Go 4 and go through the setup and out-of-the-box experience of the device. Then, I test it with a few different applications. As I mentioned, my old Surface Go was mainly used for email, browsing, and blogging, so I want to see if that is still going to work for me. I also try out a music app (Korg Electribe) to see how it handles other applications.

If you have any questions about the Surface Go 4, let me know, and I will do a follow-up video when I’ve spent some more time with it.

Surface Go 4 Review

01:00 Uboxing

01:30 Connections

02:10 Side by side with the OG Surface Go

02:34 Out of box experience

02:53 Restoring a backup of a previous Windows 11 device

03:52 Specs

04:32 Windows 11 tablet UI

05:14 Testing apps

05:51 Trying Netflix

06:16 Trying Onenote

07:04 Trying out music production apps: Korg Electribe

8:14 Looking at sound and brightness of the Surface Go 4

09:13 Using Windows Hello

09:19 Trying out the cameras

09:59 Screen and camera specs

11:00 Conclusion

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