In 1987, Yamaha launched the DX7S, a more affordable iteration of the original DX7 successor the DX7II. In an era predating YouTube product demos, where the only way to experience a new synth was by visiting a music store, a demo tape became the primary means of hearing the capabilities of a synthesizer.

I ordered this demo tape from Yamaha UK back in 1987, and it features a showcase of the DX7 along with some of its factory presets. The DX7 delivers impressive sounds, and it’s intriguing to observe how Yamaha highlighted the “real” tones of the DX, including acoustic guitar simulations and the introduction of new parameters like Fractional Scaling.

Transport yourself back to 1987 and envision the excitement of encountering the brand-new Yamaha DX7S.

Video timing:

0:57 Tape start, intro song
3:39 Guitar, single note pitchbend and squeaking string sounds
5:42 Fraction Scaling on the DX7S
6:58 ElectoBak with unison detune
8:00 Optilate
8:35 DX7S in performance mode
12:11 Strings with random pitch and multi-lfo
13:49 Conclusion with Lead Of The Pack

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