If you want to connect a synthesiser, drum machine or sampler to a PC or Mac you are going to need some kind of MIDI interface. Many modern devices have USB MIDI built in, but older kit doesn’t, and you are going to need a way to connect the device up. This is where a USB MIDI to Midi interface comes in, it enables you to connect vintage (and not so vintage) music equipment to a PC or Mac with a single cable.

The Digitallife cable has USB Type A at one end and two 5 pin MIDI DIN connectors at the other. Plug the USB connector into the PC and the Midi Out and in ports to your device. The device is class compliant which means do drivers are needed on Windows 10, Windows 11, and Mac. You can then control your synth, sample, drum machine or other device from your DAW.

I tested the cable with by 1980’s TX7 and it works perfectly, SysEX control worked without any issue so I could use real time voice editing software on my PC without any issues. There are no visual indicators on the cable unlike the FORE MIDI to USB cable I tested last year so if that is important to you make sure you check out that review.

So, if it works with old eighties kit it should work with any modern kit. I tested it with a Nord Electro 3, Yamaha TX7, Roland TR-505 with Cubase 11 Elements.

In this video I unbox the cable, connect it up to my PC and test with some of my MIDI kit. The cable costs £16.99 from Amazon.

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