FORE MIDI to USB Adapter Review

In this video I try out a £13 USB to Midi adapter to see how well a budget device will work. To give it a good test I am going to put its through its paces by connecting a 1985 Yamaha DX100 to my PC to make sure it works for receiving midi notes. sending midi notes and if it works SYSEX and voice editor software.

The FORE MIDI to USB adapter has a five meter cable with USB at one end and MIDI Out and In connectors on the other end. There are indicator lights showing when the device is in use and its class compliant which means no special drivers to install. I tested it with Windows 10 but it should also work with MacOS and older versions of Windows.

Does the MIDI to USB adapter work with a vintage synthesiser? From my tests yes it does. I connected it up with my Yamaha DX100 and Cubase and it worked without any issues. I could send MIDI to it and use the DX100 as a controller. I though a more thorough test would be to see if I could download the sounds, edit them and upload sounds from a DX100 editor over MIDI using SYEX. This worked perfectly without any issues at all and I could edit the synth real time.

One thing to note is that the MIDI connectors are labelled MIDI OUT and MIDI IN. You connect the MIDI OUT to the synths MIDI in and the MIDI In to the synths MIDI Out. At first this seems the wrong way round but when you connect synths directly via MIDI this is exactly how it works.

The FORE MIDI to USB costs £12.99 on Amazon.

FORE MIDI to USB Adapter Review

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