Microsoft have announced a new Lumia mid-range phone with a metal design. The Lumia 650 comes in black and while with a 5 inch OLED display, aluminium frame, 6.9mm thin and 122 grams. It has a 5MP wide angle front facing camera, 8MP rear facing camera and comes with Windows 10 Mobile for around $200.

It’s funny that the premium 950 and 950 XL are plastic (all be it with a very nice finish) and the low cost 650 comes with aluminium finish. I think this is aimed at business users where it may sell but it doesn’t support Continuum and I can’t see it make much of an impact on Windows 10 Mobile’s market share. Having said that I think it is important that Microsoft do have a business phone in its portfolio.


The phone is now on pre-order for £159.99 in the Microsoft Store.


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