One of the best media servers around is Emby Server which has just been updated. Version 3.0.5870 has been released which has a couple of nice new features, there is now an option to convert your live TV recording on the fly to mp4 files so you can record TV and have it automatically convert to mp4 which is then playable on a wide range of formats without transcoding.

There is also a Cinema Mode for creating custom intros based on codecs and tags (this was included in the previous beta).

There are also a lot of fixes in this release including a fix for playback issues with the mobile version of Microsoft Edge. One thing to take note of is that after restarting Emby Server will perform a database upgrade so allow time for it to complete.

Go to Emby.Media for the download.

Issues Resolved

* Safari playback fix
* Update multi-version support
* Fix popup scrolling
* Improve performance of now playing screen
* Update dlna server uuid
* Save photo album images as folder.ext
* Update recordings during guide refresh
* Update progressive streaming bitrate
* Add new iso file naming conventions
* Move metadata editor to popup
* Update guest invite popup
* Update sync encoding
* Make photos downloadable
* Update recording deletion
* Support on the fly recording conversion to streaming friendly formats
* Add new ISO file naming conventions
* Resolve issue with sharing feature
* Samsung dlna fix
* Fix video playback in MS Edge Mobile

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