I have reviewed quite a few sets of powerline network kits over the last few years, the idea behind them is if you can’t run Ethernet between devices these plugs use the power cables in your home to piggyback the network data over. The AV500 kit from TP-Link is the latest set I have tried that also have the added feature of being WiFi enabled. So you can use it to extend your network using your home wiring and it can also clone your WiFi. WiFi enabled devices can connect to it so you can extend WiFi out to areas not covered by your existing WiFi.

You plug in adapter into a socket next to your router, connect it to your router via Ethernet and then plug the other one in a room in anywhere in your house and then you can plug up to three devices into the adapter (via Ethernet) and connect to it via WiFi. It’s a great solution and as you can see in the video you can get fast transfer speeds, in my tests I found much better transfer speeds than my existing WiFi. So it should be great for streaming HD video or using with services like Skype.

Another nice feature is that the devices have an integrated power socket so you don’t take up valuable mains sockets in your house. They are really easy with setup, WiFi setup can be down with WPS or the browser and pairing the devices is done with one button press (mine worked out of the box). They work really well as you can see in this video:

The kit cots £77 on Amazon.

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