There is a new Emby / Media Browser addin available for Kodi/XBMC.

This new addin works with the Kodi on the range of platforms supported by the media center application. It even works on lower spec devices like the Raspberry Pi and FireTV. It has native sorting/deleting and resuming, native view settings and works with native skins. As it’s a beta there is an issue with it, it takes about 20 minutes to setup on a fast machine and 2 hours on a Raspberry Pi.

Currently movies, sets, TV shows, music and videos are supported and two way syncing is supported so watched states are synced between devices.

Head over to the Emby community for the installation instructions.

Advantages of new AddOn:
– Work well with low-end devices such as Raspberry Pi and FireTV
– Works with native skins
– Much faster library browsing
– Native sorting/deleting/resume
– Native view setting support

– Initial setup takes a while 20 minutes on a fast machine to 2 hours on a Pi

The Emby addon for Kodi combines the best of Kodi – ultra smooth navigation, beautiful UIs and playback of any file under the sun, and Emby – the most powerful fully open source multi-client media metadata indexer and server.

What is currently supported ?

We’re still in beta stage of development. Currently these features are working:



TV Shows


Deletions are supported – enable in Kodi for Kodi side delete

Watched state/resume status sync: This is a 2-way synchronisation. Any watched state or resume status will be instantly (within seconds) reflected to or from Kodi and the server.

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