There is a new beta version of the brilliant Media Browser Server available for testing. Build 3.0.5306 now supports XBMC metadata out of the box (no plugin needed), there is a new video player layout in the web client, there is improved seeking while transcoding for roku and web clients, new mobile menus and more.

Combine Media Browser Server with the wide range of clients available and you have a great solution cross platform media consumption. Download links and more details over at

Xbmc metadata support out of the box (plugin is now obsolete)

New video player layout in the web client

Improved seeking while transcoding for the web client & roku, coming soon to other apps

New mobile tap-hold menus

Improved log page

Subtitle download scheduled task

Latest item groupings

Season overview fetching from Tmdb

Episode image fetching from Tmdb

Chapter images now part of regular refresh

One thought on “Media Browser Server 3.0.5306 Beta released”
  1. Love the way this is developing. Lots of new features, and it’s really shaping up to finally offer a viable replacement for WMC, especially with MBT likely to offer live TV support at some point. It really, really needs to hit a stable release milestone though. Seems like it will be in beta forever at the moment.

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