There is an updated version of My Movies for Windows. Version 5.01 Pre Release 1 has better integration with XBMC’s metadata, it has a setting to override NFO files created by other apps, XBMC meta-data handler includes the option of configuring clients that should have a library update requests. The prompt settings for Windows Media Center’s automatic disc copier have been improved.

There are fixes for Windows Media Center and monitoring of TV folders and a lot of other fixes. Grab the pre-release from the My Movies site.

My Movies for Windows 5.01 Pre Release 1

Added: The “prompt” setting for the automatic disc copier have now been improved in Windows Media Center.
Added: XBMC meta-data storage handler now contains a settings option to override NFO files created by other softwares than My Movies. Please enable if your NFO’s aren’t updating.
Added: XBMC meta-data storage handler now includes the option of configuring clients that should have a library update request. Notice, this does not update meta-data on existing titles, only adds new (limitation of XBMC)

Change: AddExternalServerCredentials handles upper case vs. lower case in server name.
Change: External server credentials dialog now also contains credentials for configured folders.
Change: Meta-data storage have been moved, allowing it to cast notifications when storage failed.

Fix: Import/monitoring of TV Series folders now ignores VIDEO_TS and BDMV/STREAM folders.
Fix: Copy disc status in Windows Media Center showed a starting date, when time should be plenty.
Fix: Minor check to ensure against an exception when database becomes unavailable.
Fix: Video converter storage path could be empty when re-opening settings dialog.
Fix: Adding a folder monitoring path could prompt for credentials twice.
Fix: Maximum 10 alerts are now sent for duplicate TV Serie episode files
Fix: Improvements to folder monitoring to better handle when devices becomes unavailable and then available again.
Fix: Various improvements to the login procedures for external storage devices.
Added: The application now specifically blocks for usage of mapped network drives, which are not supported in My Movies 5.
Fix: To improve sync speed titlelist is no longer updated while doing download of collection.
Fix: Expand option disappeared for some disc titles in title list, when they were saved.
Fix: On collection download box sets are now shown as box sets in the title list instead of standalone titles.
Fix: Upgrade database call could throw an exception of DB server was unavailable.
Fix: Minor updates to external credentials log on, to ensure to retry failed connections better.
Fix: Reset collection numbers function could crash if database had some broken TV Series data.
Fix: Some titles did not have the correct title set passed to the video converter, meaning it processed largest file, and not the meta-data marked title.

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