As I add more and more devices to my home I have then need for a switch to connect more Ethernet devices onto my network. In the past I have used a dumb hub but they have no management options and can’t be configured. TP-Link’s new 8 port gigabit switch (TL-SG108E) is a low cost switch for your home that is great for connecting up media streamers, PCs and NAS devices. Out of the box it’s a simple switch which you can just plug in and use without any configuration but where it is more useful is the management options. It comes with TP-Link management software that you can monitor the ports on the switch so you can see what is using up all your network, you can set up VLANS and it support QoS (quality of service) so you can make sure your VOIP calls get priority over video streaming. You can also set up ports with higher priority so your media server gets priority over your kid’s machines.

It’s a very simple device, costs £29 from Amazon, in this video I connect up and take a look at the switch.

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