DVBLogic have issued the a Release Candidate of DVBLink version 5. Since the beta DVBLink now supports Western Digital NAS devices including WD MyCloud EX2 and EX4 devices. There is also server based time shifting in the DVBLink XBMC PVR addon so you can schedule server recordings via the XBMC PVR addin.

You can download DVBLink v5 RC1 from DVBLogic.com:

Details from DVBLogic:

Release Candidate

DVBLink v5 product suite has become Release Candidate. Now with all supported platforms and more!

DVBLink product suite for WD platform

Let’s welcome another v5 newcomer – DVBLink version for Western Digital NAS products. This version includes support for recent popular WD MyCloud EX2 and EX4 NAS models.

Server-based timeshifting for DVBLink XBMC PVR addon

Also DVBLink RC1 features server-based timeshifting capabilities for DVBLink XBMC PVR addon. This requires a new version of the addon, which can be found at our forums.

Installation notes

The RC1 installers can be downloaded here. Please note that DVBLink v5 is not binary compatible with DVBLink v4. Use backup-restore functionality to bring over your settings.

All trial licenses for DVBLink v5 have been reset today. To refresh the trial period you have to delete all license files (*.lic) from /licenses directory and restart DVBLink server. is a DVBLink share on your NAS platform or dvblink\share folder on Windows.

Full list of fixes and new features in RC1 can be found here.

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