Just last week the XBMC team released the first stable build of XBMC 13 (Gotham), so far it’s a looked like a pretty stable release but that doesn’t stop the development continuing. There is a beta of 13.1 ready for downloading which includes no new features but does include quite a few bug fixes.

Details from XBMC.org


* Better recovery of VDPAU on errors.

* Fixes for cropping of interlaced content using VDPAU.

* Fix for FLAC tracks with large embedded images not playing.

* Fix for crash if librtmp wasn’t available.

* Fix for ffmpeg building on linux using later versions of librtmp.

* Fix for broken m4a, mp4 playback with paplayer.

* Fix for the hint text not being shown in editcontrols once unfocused.

* Fix minor memory leak in PlayMedia builtin function.

* Fix albumartist use in song smartplaylists.

* Use unique client broadcast UID in the PVR api.

To get the latest versions head over to XBMC.org for the links.

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