Sonos have just announced new controller apps for iOS and Android. The new apps have a redesigned and simplified user interface and it makes it quicker and easier to find and listen to your music. So things like search now work across all your music services so it doesn’t matter whether the music is on Google Play Music, Spotify, other streaming services or your own server it will find the song you are looking for. There is also a new music menu which makes it easier to find the song you want and voice over for iOS, 5.1 speaker options and scheduled indexing of personal music in iTunes.

The changes look like a big step forward for Android and iOS users sadly there is still no news of a Windows Phone client. To get the update you need iOS6 or higher or Android 2.1 or higher. You can find the app in the iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.

Key Updates:

·         Universal search: One of the most acclaimed new features.  Discover more ways to enjoy your favorite artists, tracks and genres by searching across music services to find little known covers, remixes and playlists you never knew existed.  One search quickly shows all the places where an artist’s work exists on the Sonos system.

·         A sleek new design: Effortlessly control your world of music with an app designed by music lovers for music lovers.

·         An easy way to explore music services: From popular favorites to specialized music services, you can now easily browse and discover new ways to explore the world of music.

·         More room filing sound: Of special note, an interesting feature that we added during the beta process is the ability to have the rear channel speakers in a home theater setup (5.0 and 5.1) play full stereo sound instead of just

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