For the last few years I have been a DropBox user but since I have started using the Surface and Windows Phone 8 I have been using SkyDrive to sync content between devices but the all or nothing nature of SkyDrive syncing meant that I haven’t used it on my machines with small hard drives. Microsoft have address the issue with the latest update for SkyDrive that enables you to select which folders get synced on which device. The app will be updated automatically over next few days.

What Microsoft really need is a desktop SkyDrive app for Windows RT so I can have automatic syncing on the Surface

More details on the Windows Blog

With today’s release, you can now select which folders from SkyDrive are synced – making it easier to use SkyDrive with laptops or tablets with small drives. You’re in control. If you’d like to keep all your photos and documents in SkyDrive but only sync a folder of your most important documents to your laptop, you can do that – even if your desktop is syncing the full set. You can choose specific sub-folders to sync as well; you aren’t limited to your primary SkyDrive folders.

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