Ceton have been busy since releasing their Android and iOS Media Center companion apps, they have just launched the Windows Phone version of the Companion app. The app shares the features with the iOS and Android version but has the Windows Phone look and feel. So you can do things like browse the EPG, browse recordings and remote control Media Center.

The app costs £3.99 from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Centon have also updated the server application that runs on your Media Center P. Build has the following fixes: 


  • Recorded Movies show up in Gallery
  • Recorded Movies show more metadata
  • Remote on extenders is full remote, working at 95% (only buttons that don’t work are 30 second skip ahead/8 second skip back, but FF & rewind working)
  • UAC issues when launching configuration
  • Remote shares fix (user name/password fix)

You can get the updated server from Ceton and more details are on

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