While browsing around I came across an interesting article on Media Center being part of Windows Embedded. With all the talk of Google TV the post argues that Microsoft already have an impressive application with Windows Media Center capable of turning the PC in to a DVR and media manager plus Media Center having the best UI on the market. They also say one of Microsoft’s key advantages is Silverlight and how good that technology is a delivering HD video over the web

The main point is that putting Windows Media Center in to Windows Embedded  means that smart TVs and set top boxes can benefit from the power of Media Center, the PC ecosystem and could be integrated with Xbox Live

Checkout the the full post, it really does put a positive light on Windows Media Center and embedded, of course we will have to wait until we see actual units shipping before we can see how its going to work out

While Google is stuck shoe-horning and tailoring its Chrome OS (or perhaps Android) into Intel’s new TV hardware, Microsoft already has much of the hard work done. Its Windows Media Center software for Windows 7, which turns your PC into a remote-controlled DVR and media manager, is perhaps the best PC-entertainment user interface on the market, to say nothing of its functionality, which blows away competing products like Apple’s (AAPL) Front Row or Apple TV.

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