I go away for a week and the guys over at www.1Geek1Tool.com go mad with releases. The most recent is the very exciting release of their version of DVBLink for Hauppauge HDPVR 3.0 Beta 1

From the 1Geek 1Tool Website

We finally made it!

After months of patience, you can new download the first version of DVBLink for Hauppauge HDPVR that allows you to use DVBLogic’s Network Pack (NWP). The DVBLogic’s NWP is a breakthrough in Media Center history, allowing users to remotely watch live TV from another Media Center PC.


Most of the changes involved with the port to the DVBLink v2 framework were done under the hood. Current users should find them-self familiar with most of the configuration process, with the exception of channel configuration which changed quite a bit. To support the NWP, we had to cut the direct channel modifications feature from the DVBLink for Hauppauge HDPVR configuration tool. As a result, users now have to use the Synchronize dialog from DVBLogic’s Media Center addin to populate the Media Center guide.

Please be aware that the announced beta version is not a finished product, but is fully functional. In case of problems, please consult the DVBLink for Hauppauge HDPVR forum for help.

Upgrade program

Because of the amount of work involved to support the new DVBLogic framework, this new version does not come as a free upgrade. A discounted upgrade program will be put in place in the next few days, allowing currently licensed users to update their software for a lower price than the full version. From now on, new customers buying DVBLink for HDPVR 2.X license are also automatically granted a DVBLink for HDPVR 3.X license.

Here is the new product cost:

Upgrade from DVBLink for HDPVR 1.X/2.X to DVBLink for Hauppauge HDPVR 3.X: 10$

Full license of DVBLink for Hauppauge HDPVR: 40$

DVBLogic’s DVBLink Network Pack: 21€


The DVBLogic Network Pack is an extension to DVBLink and is totally independent of 1geek1tool software. The NWP must be downloaded and purchased separately using the DVBLogic website. Any inquiries about the DVBLogic’s NWP should be addressed directly to DVBLogic or using DVBLogic’s NWP forum.


The other news is alpha support for AVerMedia’s HD-DVR which Ian and myself saw at CES and was part of the CES podcast.

Again from the 1Geek1Tool website

DVBLink for AVerMedia HD DVR is a spin-off the the popular “DVBLink for HDPVR“, that allows the integration of the AVerMedia HD DVR (USB) device into Windows Media Center.

This is an alpha version, mainly because everything is not fully polished yet. Here are the things to know:

Video Encoding is forced to CBR (Constant Bitrate)

Video bitrate is forced to the maximum allowed, 20000 Kbps

Audio bitrate is forced to the maximum allowed, 384 Kbps

Integrated IR Blaster is not supported yet, though you can use a compatible MCE IR Blaster

Other than that, everything seems to work fine. I encourage any owners of HD DVRs to try this out and comment on the forum.

This is fully compatible with other “DVBLink for XXX” installed products. You can have an AVerMedia HD DVR and Hauppauge HD PVR working side by side on the same system.


Really good stuff all round and the first release allows for the first time our US cousins to experience benefits of the DVBLink Network Pack.

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