touch-screen-mirror-panelI just happened across this bathroom mirror (yep you read that right) and just had to share it with everyone.  I’ve seen kit like this before, and there’s some really expensive bathroom mirror monitors on the market but this is the first mass market item I’ve seen.  It’s a neat touch screen mirror with built in FM radio and the ability to connect an MP3 player.  What’s most interesting though is that it’s made by Roca – these guys normally make toilets and sinks – so this represents a bit of a move to the mainstream for bathroom tech.

This has got me thinking, I’d be really interested to see what people have got installed in their bathrooms in the way of tech.  I’ve seen at least one very cool Media Center install in the past, but I’d really like to know what people are doing.  I’ve got a bathroom to remodel in 3 months!  So throw some links to your installs in the comments.

Via Dornob.

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