Apple don’t have the monopoly of slate videos,  a couple of days ago HP posted two videos on its youtube channel showing their slate in action. One video focuses on Adobe AIR apps and HP’s own UI running and the 2nd video is a shorter marketing video with a bit more style over substance. In the first video you can see HP’s custom UI running on top of Windows 7 and a New York times Adobe AIR app being controlled by touch. With so much video being flash based I think  HP are this to differentiate their slate from the iPad, I think the openness of a Windows will be a great advantage for the HP Slate but it will also be its weakness, I really want to see Windows developers coming up with compelling UIs for touch devices.

We could be in for a real teat later this year if we get Microsoft Courier, Android devices, iPad and the HP slate all released, which one would you go for?

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One thought on “HP release more videos of the Slate”
  1. Without a doubt MS Courier if it comes to market. I love how different it is from anything else and feel it would best compliment my laptop/desktop computing experience as opposed to being just a bigger screen version of portable media player. I really hate how the iPad device & UI looks.

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