I love my Zune HD but currently the Zune ecosystem is only available in the US (hopefully that will change with the new bread of Windows Phones) so there are a few hoops you need to jump through to get the best out of a Zune if your not in the USA.  Fortunately Jason Dunn on ZuneThoughts has a great guide on how to the Zune Marketplace and other features working for international users and he has recently updated the guide.  He says:

I happen to live in Canada, and can’t buy the Zune in my country, or use much of the online functionality – not without a little creativity that is. Welcome to the International Zune User’s Guide: everything you need to know about being one of those clandestine folks acquiring and using a Zune HD in a country where Microsoft doesn’t officially support you. Everything in this article is from the perspective of someone who lives in Canada, so there may be slight variations depending on where you are in the world.

Checkout his guide but hopefully its not to long before Windows Phone 7 Series means that we can enjoy the Zune platform from anywhere in the world


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